I'm Trotter. I am a video editor. Also I do some design, motion, and other things like executive produce a late night talk show with some other people. So you've found yourself here at a place where you can see my work. It's cool, I probably sent you here. If you like what you see and you would like me to do some work for you or, heck, even just let me know what you think, give me a shout.

Here's some of my latest projects:
Some video jokes for TNM Tonight - editor/director/camera
TNM Tonight Teaser - editor/director/camera
Funk & Associates: "Boxer" - editor
OfficeDepot "Organizin'" - editor
Dell: "Compellent | Brocade" - editor
HealthyATX - editor
HealthyATX: "Max & Carissa" - editor
more videos...